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APRIL 2014

April has arrived and the gardeners slowly make their way into the gardens. There is the winter debris to clean up and plants that need to have pruning done to remove damage caused by winter snow, wind and ice. But there is more to do than just cleaning up. IT’S TIME TO PLANT THINGS! Early April is the time to plant pansies in your planters. Your vegetable garden can host the planting of radishes, peas, lettuce, beets, carrots, spinach and onions. Later in the month broccoli and the other cole crops can go into the vegetable garden.

Soon the lawn will begin to grow and we will hear the sound of lawn mowers across the neighborhoods. Perennials and trees and shrubs can all be planted in April. New growth will come quickly as the sun warms the soil and the temperatures will rise a bit each day. April is the beginning of the gardening season in our area. Stop by soon to see all the new things we will be carrying this season.

Spring is officially here!

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